The constant advancement & avantages of technology

Their are constant new interations of gaming consoles coming out Microsoft & Sony often release 2.0 versions of their current generation systems. The in game designing tech is awesome basically we think of it as real life is just a hyper realistic simulation. Augmented reality/virtual reality concepts that allows virtual scavenger hunts,interactive theme park experience,virtual events that could take place all around…there are some really cool opportunities. The more you think about it the more its like…well wait a minute what if we do? That’s an enormous technological jump in a very small period of time. Remember calculators used to be the size of rooms  now you can fit one in your pocket, an that same device can access the internet,play music videos, store data, an make phone calls,send emails, an also navigate you across the globe. All this happen in the past 20 years, but now even new phones are released every year with better tech than its predessor . faster processing power,more storage the tech advanvement, an growth is crazy the constant advancement of technology itself is powerful.

Technology. Would you rather have it an not need it,or need it an not have it?

In my experience I use to go overboard with trying to have the latest technology far as phones, computers,etc. Technology can make life simpler,but not easier as some may like or think its important to figure out what technology suits your needs basic, or complex if your willing to learn you will advance with technical devices. My motto is if its working well don’t try to replace it or fix it. What technology do you think you go overboard for,or with? Leave comments if you like.

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Practical and Cheap Smart Phones

In the recent phone market, there are many different types of mobile phones released due to the fact that the science and technology have developed rapidly. And since the new-fashioned smart phones were launched, they have been very popular for the reason that this kind of mobile phones is fairly practical and cheap as well as far as the price is concerned. The recent phone market offers you a wide range of option for you to pick out. It is sure that you can choose a perfect smart phone as long as you know clearly about your personal tastes. All the phones displayed now are newly-designed, which may be the main reason for explaining the rising popularity of cheap mobile phones. As we all know, mobile phones of different kinds have been a useful tool for enhancing human communication.

cheap smart phones are surely a hot trend in the recent phone market. Nowadays, it is said that the latest mobile phones have started to come with the feature of internet surfing through Wi-Fi. Cheap smart phones now boast the feature of getting connected with the wi-fi routers and serve the same connectivity speed as the laptop or a computer could do. Read the rest of this entry »

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